meet Bob…

Bob is a 24/7 multitasking assistant that never gets tired. He connects all of your marine electronics and sensors in a smart way. Bob learns from it, evaluates it and is then able to notify the skipper or crew with a warning about a dangerous situation, an item requiring maintenance or any other relevant change the skipper or crew needs to know about.

Last News

In the next two weeks we will test Bob while sailing from Vancouver to San Francisco. We are focused on the stability of the system. At the moment we are able to disconnect and reconnect the power supply of the modules and the central unit without loosing connection or data. On our trip we will also test the wifi connection against interferences with the short wave radio and vhf.

Stay tuned. and don't hesitate to post any question on the inav4u group in facebook.

first impressions of the anchor module

more about Bob…

Bob keeps interpreting data and anticipating different situations like weather, with a suggestion to maybe take a reef if you are sailing, watching and warning about energy consumption, letting you know your pumps are working more than usual, watching the bilge, water and diesel tanks, helping to anchor safety, keeping your log books up to date and much much more.

enjoy cruising…

As Skipper you know a single small problem with a pump or an engine can become critical fast without focused successful action on the part of the skipper or crew. Bob will alert you well in advance that there may be a problem.
Having Bob around lets you keep focused on cruising rather than on screens, numbers and gauges.

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